Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services London

Social media is a busy place. People from anywhere in the world are visits social media at anytime of the day. But the question is when and where are your customers online?

To gather these insights for you, we know exactly which tools to use and how to find them.

SMM Advertising Campaigns

Dev Daemon’s social media marketing services assist businesses in creating, sustaining, and accelerating the appropriate social discourse with the appropriate audiences on the appropriate platforms at the appropriate times to fully realise the potential of social media.

We have been assisting our clients in continuously achieving their brand goals in addition to business objectives of revenue growth by leveraging social media and generating measurable outcomes as a digital marketing agency with proven knowledge in social media management and marketing.

Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or WhatsApp, our social media offering includes platform-specific strategy, content and creative design, active contextual marketing, execution, management, listening, monitoring, analytics, and insights — all of which are strongly associated to your brand and business objectives.

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After Google, of course, YouTube is the second-most-used search engine. It stands out from other search engines for sure thanks to its user-friendliness, widespread use of video material, and 3 billion monthly searches. More people search on YouTube than on Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and all together.


We can set up a YouTube presence for your company. To help you produce conversational videos that are on par with the themes of your company and increase the size of your audience, our team comes up with intriguing, compelling content ideas.

We keep track of how each campaign is performing and run reports to keep us informed about what worked effectively for particular age groups, genders, regions, or nations. We can assist you as an agency with analytics, bid adjustments, reach, engagement rate of investment, and ab Testing.

Instagram & Facebook

Platforms are changing as we transition to a world after 2020. Instagram has transitioned to video sharing content, reels, and stores. 130 million Instagram users interact with shopping-related content each month.

Our job includes analysing the social media landscape so you don’t have to, finding the trends that are effective, making plans for future spikes in trends, and utilising it to expand your business.

You can offer new products and increase brand exposure on Instagram. The appeal is that you may market your company, goods, or services in an artfully organised, enjoyable, and fascinating way without coming across as pushy.

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Facebook currently has 2.80 billion active users, Facebook advertising therefore, is a ket aspect in connecting with your audience. This is the area where you can promote your brand, build strong brand awareness, and help it grow. By using targeted paid advertisements, we can put your products or services in front of the relevant audience and encourage them to interact with your company. We accomplish this by:

  • Image Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Carousel Ads

  • Slideshow Ads

  • Collection Ads

  • Instant experience Ads

  • Leads Ads

  • Stories Ads

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Augumented reality Ads

    We dabble in all of these.

    Tiktok Ads

    Tik Tok Advertisement

    Anyone who runs a business is aware of how effective Tiktok marketing can be in building your brand. There is currently very little competition on the platform as things are. Because of the way the algorithm is built up, any user has the chance to spike and go viral very quickly depending on a user engagement check list. Tiktok rewards this by promoting your video to a larger audience.

    Our creative team comes up with unique, brand-new, and innovative ways to showcase your company or brand, utilising all the proven strategies for audience consumption and viral video growth.